We are the radio ministry of Christ Community Church in Belchertown, MA. WAIY can be streamed live from this site or if you live in the Belchertown – Amherst area, you can tune in at 107.7 FM. WAIY is a low power FM radio station that broadcasts from the small town of Belchertown which is located in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Music Programming

  • Children’s Worship – Weekdays at 6:30AM & 3:30PM and weekends at 7:00AM
  • Classical – Everyday at 8PM
  • Contemporary Worship – Everyday between programming
  • Retro Rock with Rev. Raker – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6:30pm

Preaching & Teaching

  • Grace for the Way with Pastor Emmanuel Haqq
    • Weekdays at 12:30PM & 5PM, Saturdays at 8 & 9AM, Sundays at 3 & 4PM
  • Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers
    • Weekdays at 7:30AM
  • Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias
    • Weekdays at 8:15AM
  • Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias
    • Saturdays at 5:00PM
  • Desiring God with John Piper
    • Weekdays and Saturday at 11:30AM
  • Unshackled!
    • Weekdays at 8:45am and 9:00pm, Saturdays at 5:45pm




Station Address

Christ Community Church
1255 Federal Street
Belchertown, MA 01007